Early Detection Rapid Response

EDRR stands for Early Detection Rapid Response.  An acronym originating in invasive plant management, the concept is simple: By detecting and removing one vivacious weed early, one can, with minimal effort, eliminate the need to treat a large and costly invasive population in the future.  Our turn-key drone solutions are a great tool to implement the EDRR concept across diverse industries.  With rapid, high-resolution drone imaging coupled with state-of-the-art software for data analytics, the EDRR platform allows for easy monitoring of your operations and a more data-driven approach to risk analysis and decision making.

As a company, we believe the power of drone technology can be enhanced with artificial intelligence and that the autonomous detection and diagnosis of problems across many different industries is attainable.   As a customer of EDRR, you will have the opportunity to help shape our detection models and will have unprecedented access to future development.

Brenndon Tso
Brenndon TsoCo-Founder and CFO
Brenndon Tso is the co-founder and CFO of EDRR Enterprise. He has a background in small business management and operation solutions. He earned a B.S. in Psychology from Northern Arizona University and is currently pursuing a M.B.A. from Washington State University.
Aviad Papo
Aviad PapoDirector of Software Engineering
Aviad Papo is the Director of Software Engineering at EDRR Enterprise. He is driven by his passion for software development and customer experience, with a focus on efficiency and speed. He earned his B. Sc. degree in Computer Science from Netanya Academic College in Isreal.
Yoav Giladi
Yoav GiladiDirector of Research
Yoav Giladi is the Director of Research at EDRR Enterprise. Born and educated in Israel, Yoav has an extensive background in phytopathology and plant breeding. For 6 years, he has grown hemp to scale in licensed US fields and has previously served as a research engineer for the Department of Phytopathology helping to discover a novel disease affecting the crop.
Max Goodwin
Max GoodwinDirector of Marketing
Max Goodwin is the Director of Marketing at EDRR Enterprise. Max has developed numerous product campaigns for a variety of leading brands. His passion for cultivating talent and connection won him recognition at the Clio Awards and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

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