Flight Automation

Easily plan and autonomously fly your mission using our user-friendly app on the included 8″ touch-screen drone remote. You can plot the area and elevation you want your drone to fly and with the push of button, watch as your drone autonomously takes off, collects images, and safely lands itself upon mission completion. You do not even need an internet connection. At a rate of 3 minutes per acre, all you need to do is just sit back and watch the magic happen.

After your drone has landed, you are just one more button push away from your data being seamlessly uploaded to our cloud-based software that will stitch your images together into one high-definition orthomosaic map. Using our software, you will additionally have access to numerous tools that can help you make the very most of your data.

Health Analysis

Whether you are using our all-inclusive Velox Drone Kit or the Velox Drone Kit with NDVI Sensor, you can easily assess plant health across agricultural, natural, or urban areas. Both VARI (Visible Atmospherically Resistance Index) and NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) can be used to create very simple plant health heat maps, with green being indicative of vigorous plant growth, yellow being indicative of moderate to weak plant growth, and red being indicative of poor growth or bare soil.

VARI is calculated using the visible light spectrum and can be extracted from common color photography. The resulting values can be visualized as a map of relative plant health across your site. With our Velox Drone Kit, you are capable of capturing automated drone imaging and easily generating plant health heat maps.

NDVI is also calculated using the visible light spectrum, but with the additional consideration of near infrared (NIR) light. Near infrared light falls just outside the visible light spectrum and is interpreted by your body as heat. Healthy plants reflect much more heat towards the sensor than unhealthy plants, so by including NIR in the NDVI calculation, the value is a more sensitive and optimized plant health indicator. Using our included software in the Velox Kit with NDVI Sensor, you can produce plant health heat maps using both VARI and NDVI.

Elevation & Volume

Data pertaining to elevation can be tremendously useful in agriculture, land management, and construction. Drones offer a much quicker and more affordable alternative to ground-based surveys traditionally used to gather elevation information.

In addition to producing the elevation map itself, EDRR offers many tools out-of-the-box to better understand and analyze your information. This includes the ability to make volumetric measurements, filter any specific elevations, cross reference elevational data against other metrics, such as plant health, and even export your contour files for use with popular drafting software such as AutoCAD.

3-D Modeling

With unlimited access to on-demand cloud photogrammetry, you can quickly and easily generate three-dimensional models and point clouds using the same images collected autonomously for orthomosaic mapping.

Generated magnitudes faster than traditional photogrammetry methods, thousands of images can be stitched together on EDRR software in a matter of hours. The 3D models can then be used to estimate production, gain developmental insight and even supplement your existing CAD or other mapping workflow effortlessly.

Artificial Intelligence

EDRR specializes in the development of machine learning algorithms that help not only detect issues quickly as they arise, but also aid in the diagnosis of the problem, helping our customers optimize their rapid response. With the help of leading agricultural scientists, early efforts are geared toward plot characterization and plant disease detection, particularly in hemp crops.  High-powered AI analysis will be available on our already powerful platform by Spring 2021.

The power of artificial intelligence is limitless, and our ability to automate the diagnosis of problems across many different industries abound.  As a customer of EDRR, you will have the opportunity to help shape our detection models and will have unprecedented access to future development.  Contact us for more information on how we can help your company build private or public detection models!

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